Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint in The Press

Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint are in the press again. This time we were mentioned in Nathalie Atkinson's daily piece for The National Post. The piece is called Monday Fashion Hangover and here is an excerpt:

It's Monday and I'm all fashioned out: nearly forty reviews and dispatches from L’Oreal and Montreal fashion weeks are archived online and my wrap appeared in Saturday’s paper. While I personally plan to spend the foreseeable future in comfy cords and Blundstones, fashion never sleeps. Here are a few style news stragglers:

Clothes? What clothes? Toronto-based beauty blog Lipstick Powder ‘n Paint dissects the hair and makeup looks on the runway and backstage in their dedicated L’Oreal Fashion Week section. The two-year-old blog had the same access as the Flare, Sweetspot and Glow beauty gals and for beauty junkies, it’s well worth a daily visit.
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Anonymous The Fragrance Fanatic said...

Congrats, Ellen. And I agree, you are definitely worth visiting on a daily basis. If only I could come over for some tea too! :)

9:52 p.m.  
Blogger Ellen said...

You are so sweet! You are always welcome her for tea Teri!!

9:54 p.m.  

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