Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gold Rush

Like a shiny piece of jewellery, high-quality metallic eye shadow can supply your skin with and instant glow and enhance your eye colour.

Cargo EyeBronzer fits the bill. Not only does it deliver the perfect amount of gleam, but it’s laced with skin-perfecting ingredients. Paraben-free mica illuminates eyes with sheer and light-reflecting particles, boron nitrate delivers a subtle glow while minimizing imperfections and kaolin gets to work by drawing out impurities while keeping natural oil in tact.

The shadow itself is sublime: the silky, loose formula is easy to blend, is devoid of annoying chunks of glitter and the saturated colour looks oh so rich.

Encased in a slim tube, the shadow is housed in a tiny inkwell pot, so you can avoid spills in your beach bag and control how much shadow you want to use each time.

To heck with precision application —run the spongy brush across your lash line, pat the inner corners, or smudge with abandon. If a few flecks hug your lashes or rain under your eyes, don’t sweat it. Remember, you’re glowing.

Available at Sephora.

- Katherine Flemming

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