Friday, May 30, 2008

Seal of Approval

If you've never been one to swap your beloved quotidian mascara for its waterproof version, deciding to just “risk it” for the sake of loyalty, this product just might be your new paramour.

The Laura Geller Mascara Sealer is prepped to protect your mascara formula from streaming down your face whilst keeping your lashes in tact, just the way you like ‘em.

This sweat-proof, tear-proof and weather-proof sealer is an ideal alternative for those with a big event fast approaching (like a wedding) and no time to revamp their makeup routine. Simply swipe the colourless formula once or twice over after you’ve applied mascara and you’re set. It's usually sold with Laura Geller Makeup Remover, so you're not up all night tugging at your exhausted lashes when the time to end the glamourous affair arrives.

Laura Geller
Available at Sephora and

- Katherine Flemming

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Blogger Juliet said...

Sounds lovely! This sort of thing is a real marvel - better on your lashes than waterproof (easier to remove, less drying, etc.)
There's two other similar delights been out on the market for years - and much easier to find in stores: Clarins Fix' Mascara and Urban Decay Underwear and Galoshes (the Galoshes end, the other is a fibre-y primer). Also good for fixing eyebrows in place.
Some people have also had some success using clear mascara or brow fixing gel (inc. drugstore versions) as a mascara fixative too. Depending on the formula, the result ranges between fixing and actually waterproofing.
(Oh yes, and I should add that I'm just an amateur in the make-up stakes, with no professional affiliations and the like. I just like makeup and blogs like this one!)

6:03 a.m.  

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