Friday, May 16, 2008

Luxe Lacquer

Indulge your inner Anglophile without having to skip across the pond-er, ocean, and save a pricey ride in a black cab. While this nail polish line is actually Seattle-based, the line is inspired by Big Ben’s hometown. Creative Director and celebrity manicurist Nonie Creme designed the chic and modern bottles, along with the expansive colour palette. Shades like neon pink "Dolly Bird" to the royal purple “Prince’s Plums” and deep green "Thames" will fulfill your globetrotting urges. Their lacquers, all of which are “three free” (meaning they don’t contain harmful toluene, DBP and formaldehyde) are also available at their airport salons across the U.S. Expect a couture experience (chandeliers and extravagant wallpaper set the mood) at a dirt-cheap price ($20 for a manicure).

If you can't decide on just one shade, try the Fashionista's Favourites for Spring/Summer 2008. It includes the fleshy "Tea with the Queen"—a colour pared-down enough for any occasion.

butter LONDON
Available at Holt Renfrew and select airports across Western U.S.

- Katherine Flemming

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Be Ready For Anything

You're on that all important first date. You've just eaten dinner and are sitting looking at each other dreamily. Your date leans over to you. You hold your breath and he whispers..."I think you've got something in your teeth".


This would never have happened if you were prepared and brought along your handy buddy - the DentaBurst finger. What were you thinking? After having dinner, you could have excused yourself to visit the "The Ladies' Room", and quickly given your teeth a little brush.

It's a finger of freshness that helps remove plaque, and other stuff from the surfaces of your teeth, leaving them feeling smooth and clean, and of course, fresh too.

The newest smile primping product to hit the market will mean no more embarrassing date moments...

Available at Target and CVS Pharmacy

- Ellen Mirza

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gold Rush

Like a shiny piece of jewellery, high-quality metallic eye shadow can supply your skin with and instant glow and enhance your eye colour.

Cargo EyeBronzer fits the bill. Not only does it deliver the perfect amount of gleam, but it’s laced with skin-perfecting ingredients. Paraben-free mica illuminates eyes with sheer and light-reflecting particles, boron nitrate delivers a subtle glow while minimizing imperfections and kaolin gets to work by drawing out impurities while keeping natural oil in tact.

The shadow itself is sublime: the silky, loose formula is easy to blend, is devoid of annoying chunks of glitter and the saturated colour looks oh so rich.

Encased in a slim tube, the shadow is housed in a tiny inkwell pot, so you can avoid spills in your beach bag and control how much shadow you want to use each time.

To heck with precision application —run the spongy brush across your lash line, pat the inner corners, or smudge with abandon. If a few flecks hug your lashes or rain under your eyes, don’t sweat it. Remember, you’re glowing.

Available at Sephora.

- Katherine Flemming

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Freshen Up

A subtle burst of bergamot. Dashes of pink grapefruit. The piquancy of green fig. What more could you ask for? Iris. Ah yes, a pinch of Iris.

Aqua Allegoria Figue-Iris has the lightest of feet as it dances across your body, and an überfreshness that makes it the perfect fragrance for summer.

Ever since they first appeared in 1999, Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria perfumes have been lauded for their boldness, inventiveness, and luminous grace. Figue-Iris with a green fruity composition, lives up to the legacy of its predecessors.

Available at Guerlain Boutiques and Sephora

- Ellen Mirza

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Blush Hour

When it comes to beauty, certain products evoke cult followings. And when those babies evolve, good things happen. Take Tarte Cosmetics best-selling Cheek Stain, for example. The chubby wind-up tube is a cinch to apply and comes in a range of wearable shades. So Tarte added a natural version to their cheeky spring collection—aptly named Full Blossom Natural Swirl Cheek Stain. After swirling together two universally flattering shades, the resulting sheer rose shade leaves skin with the sweetest, pink glow.

Aside from the colour (which is derived from gentle mineral pigments), the formula designed with your skin’s health in mind. First off, it’s free of harsh preservatives, parabens, mineral oil and phthalate. Meanwhile, the balm-like blush is infused with active super fruits like goji, acai and pomegranate (all renowned anti-agers) and moisture-boosting shea butter and safflower oil. If that’s not enough, the soft scent of rose and vanilla will reel you in.

Eco-bonus? By purchasing this cheek stain, you’ll be helping preserve the Amazon Rainforest, via the Sambazon Sustainable Acai Project (SAP). Talk about a remix.

Available at Sephora.

-Katherine Flemming

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